THE AUSTRALIA TIMES Staff Association Inc. comprises the editorial and technical staff of THE AUSTRALIA TIMES. It is a not for profit professional association. This website is provided for the purpose of sharing information and ideas between members.


THE AUSTRALIA TIMES is a free, non-aligned, grass roots, national online publication in the making. We are a blend of professional and citizen journalism. We provide anyone with the opportunity to publish information that is of interest to the community at large, or to a special interest group. THE AUSTRALIA TIMES is comprised of many magazine style publications each catering to a specific sphere of interest such as: News; Sport; Family; Fashion; and many others. A forum will be provided for the editorial team of each magazine.


Future writers, editors, or press photographers, retired journalists, editors, doctors, teachers, scientists, school, or club sports participants, aspiring theatrical critics, or future famous chefs, computer gurus, graphic artists, photographers, writers, proof readers, and all others are invited to join a bunch of like minded people, and their mentors, in creating this unique blend of professional and citizen journalism that is THE AUSTRALIA TIMES!